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HAN updates during the coronavirus outbreak and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Staff and students can return to HAN for all their educational activities as of Monday 17 January
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory at HAN when walking through the buildings and when seated
  • Wear a disposable face mask, preferably a type II medical face mask
  • Test yourself twice a week, even if you’ve been vaccinated. Order your self-tests for free at
  • Work at home, unless you really have no other choice
  • Also read the FAQs about HAN and the coronavirus

Saturday 15 November Back to HAN

Good news! The restrictions on higher education have been lifted. Staff and students can return to HAN for all their educational activities as of next Monday 17 January. Research activities may also be conducted at HAN again, if they cannot be done from home.

The maximum group size of 75 students in classrooms or lecture halls remains in place. With the exception of exams and final assessments.

We are very pleased that education is once again given the space it so desperately needs. But the concerns about the many infections still remain. That's why it remains important to stick to the measures and guidelines. Also so we can avoid having to close the buildings again and make education go back online.

Saturday 15 November Open Days in January

Open Days are educational activities and so permitted to go ahead on location. Today’s Open Day for the Nijmegen degree programs is still taking place online.

The Open Day in Arnhem on Saturday 22 January will take place both online and on location. Of course, various precautions will be taken to make the activities on location as safe as possible.

Saturday 15 November Wear a face mask, preferably type II medical mask

As of Monday 17 January, wearing a face mask is mandatory everywhere at HAN at all times. Not only when you walk through the buildings, but also when seated. Don’t wear a cotton face mask, but a disposable one. Preferably a type II medical face mask.

Exceptions to face mask requirement

  • Lecturers and researchers may take off their face mask if it hinders them in teaching or conducting research activities and 1.5 meters of distance can be maintained.
  • Students may take off their face mask if it hinders their participation in an educational or research activity. In that case, a lecturer or researcher may decide to allow a student to take off their mask, for example, during a presentation. It must be possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters though. When the activity is over, the face mask must be put on again.
  • Students are allowed to take off the face mask when seated in exam locations where 1.5 meters of distance can be upheld.
  • Staff are allowed to take off the face mask when seated in office locations where 1.5 meters of distance can be upheld.
  • The mask may also be removed when eating or drinking, provided you’re sitting or standing in a fixed position and 1.5 meters away from others.
  • Of course, people who cannot wear a face mask for medical reason are also exempted from the face mask requirement. In that case, however, you must be able to provide a statement of exception to mask requirement, the so-called "eigen verklaring uitzondering mondkapjesplicht".

Saturday 15 November Self-testing and quarantine

Self-tests are still available for free at Continue to test yourself twice a week. If you have health issues and/or have tested positive, don’t come to HAN and follow the quarantine guidelines.

Have you had your booster shot? You no longer need to quarantine if you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive. In that case, you can come to HAN.

Coaching and support

Are you a student looking for some help? Like tips for self-study, a good chat, a listening ear, a bit more support during this corona period? We’re ready to help you! Take a look on Insite for all the possibilities.

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