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HAN updates during the coronavirus outbreak and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • ​Almost all our education is online until at least 2 March 2021
  • Because of the curfew, practical education finishes at 19:00, exams will continue in the evening
  • Everyone works at home as much as possible

22 January Curfew: exams continue in the evenings and practical education stops at 19:00

The Netherlands now also has a curfew. From 23 January you are not allowed outside between 21:00 in the evening and 4:30 in the morning without a valid reason. This measure will apply until at least 2 March.

The curfew will also affect our educational activities scheduled in the evenings. Scheduled practical education will finish no later than 19:00. That way students and staff can get home on time. After 19:00 there will no longer be any practical education. It will be rescheduled to another time.

The government has made an exception for exams. All scheduled exams will go ahead, also in the evenings. Students and staff who, as a result of this, have to be outside after 21:00 will be exempted from the curfew.


  • You need to have a ‘curfew declaration’ with you. It can be downloaded from the website of the Dutch government. You are not supposed to make your own form.
  • Also, you need to have proof of participation in the exam from HAN. You’ll receive this at the same time as the exam. You only have to write your name on it and sign it.
  • If you’re interning in a vital sector such as healthcare, you are allowed to travel for this purpose after 21:00. In that case, you need to have both a ‘curfew declaration’ and an employer’s declaration with you. Your internship organization can issue the employer’s declaration.


  • You need to have a ‘curfew declaration’ with you. It can be downloaded from the website of the Dutch government. You are not supposed to make your own form.
  • You also need to have an employer’s declaration from HAN with you. The Services director and heads of service departments or deans will decide which staff members receive an employer’s declaration so they are allowed to be outside after 21:00. This concerns e.g. supervisors, caretakers, receptionists, ICT staff and other staff who are needed to facilitate examinations.
  • Supervisors employed through HAN-Flex will receive a paper version of the employer’s declaration when picking up or dropping off the exams at the Exams Office. Supervisors employed through Start will receive the employer’s declaration from Start. 
  • HAN staff will receive the employer’s declaration from their direct manager. 

All our students and staff have also received this information by email.

18 January Graduation ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are not permitted while the lockdown is in effect. After that, there may be room to allow graduation ceremonies to continue under certain conditions and on a limited scale. 

18 January Safety

We do everything we can to do this in a safe and responsible manner. We make sure there is sufficient ventilation, there are indicated walking routes and instructions given on posters and by staff.

You too can contribute to your safety and that of others: observe all the guidelines, follow instructions from staff, do not come to HAN if you do not need to be at the campus. And above all: stay home if you have health problems and get tested.  

Coaching and support

Are you a student looking for some help? Like tips for self-study, a good chat, a listening ear, a bit more support during this corona period? We’re ready to help you! Take a look at the Insite-page of HAN Study Success for the possibilities.

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