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HAN updates during the coronavirus outbreak and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Face masks no longer mandatory
  • On 13 August we'll hear whether the 1.5 meter rule can also be dropped
  • Note! Self-tests can still be ordered until 31 July at
  • Work at home if you don’t need to be at HAN for educational activities or specific tasks
  • Also read the FAQs about the coronavirus and HAN

5 July Restart in September

Nothing is certain yet regarding the start of the new academic year. For now, we’re optimistic and assume that on 13 August we’ll hear that the 1.5-meter measure will disappear. It would mean that a lot of classes can go ahead again on location at HAN. 

Classrooms will therefore be set up “as normal” during the holiday period. But the signs on the doors showing the maximum capacity per room according to the 1.5-meter rule will be taken down only when it’s certain that the rule will be dropped. The hand gel, walking routes, signs, stickers etc. in place, will also be left in place for the time being. Leaving them until circumstances are more certain is more efficient that removing and having to replace them if the situation changes again.

5 July Introduction for 1st-year students

In the last week of August, introductory activities will take place again. Last year these were mainly held online. This year they will fortunately be held in-person again.

Based on the national scenarios, we’ve established or reconfirmed the following guidelines:

  • parties are not allowed at HAN
  • canteens, cafes and bars on HAN campuses are allowed to open (but according to the hospitality guidelines at the time)
  • alcohol may be served from 15.00
  • HAN premises will close at 22.00
  • no overnight stays can take place at or outside HAN

More detailed information was shared with the deans and contact persons. 

Of course, everything is subject to the government decision on 13 August (on the 1.5-meter measure, for example) and of course, for all activities the (previously) applicable government/RIVM guidelines must be respected.

5 July Order your self-tests before 31 July

To limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, it’s important that you test yourself regularly. Even if you don’t come to HAN and especially if you return from abroad this summer. 

You can continue to order free self-tests with your HAN account via It is still possible until 31 July, so don't wait too long. Testing is voluntary and not a condition for working at the HAN campus; so we will not ask for test results. 

The reason why ordering self-tests will end on 31 July is that the self-test policy in higher education ends after the first 2 weeks of the new academic year. Let's hope that the development of the virus during the summer will not change this. Continued testing and vaccination coverage during the summer holidays are therefore important issues. 

5 July Make it open to discussion

We know there are students and lecturers who would very much like to come to HAN, but for whom it would entail too many health risks. Is that the case for you? Please contact your study coach or manager to find a suitable solution.

5 July Working from home

The national work-at-home policy has been partially dropped. Therefore, from now on, you can go to the office for up to half of your working hours again. Provided that the 1.5-meter distance can be upheld.

Make arrangements with your manager about working on location, so that not everyone is in the office at the same time and the 1.5-meter distance can be maintained. If you work on location during the summer, be aware that many buildings will be closed.

As soon as the measures are adjusted, we’ll of course inform you about what this means for working at a HAN location. 

Coaching and support

Are you a student looking for some help? Like tips for self-study, a good chat, a listening ear, a bit more support during this corona period? We’re ready to help you! Take a look at the Insite-page of HAN Study Success for the possibilities.

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