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HAN updates during the coronavirus outbreak and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • All our education is online until at least 9 February 2021.
  • Everyone works at home as much as possible.
  • Also read the frequently asked questions below about HAN and the coronavirus.

18 January Graduation ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are not permitted while the lockdown is in effect. After that, there may be room to allow graduation ceremonies to continue under certain conditions and on a limited scale. 

18 January Safety

We do everything we can to do this in a safe and responsible manner. We make sure there is sufficient ventilation, there are indicated walking routes and instructions given on posters and by staff.

You too can contribute to your safety and that of others: observe all the guidelines, follow instructions from staff, do not come to HAN if you do not need to be at the campus. And above all: stay home if you have health problems and get tested.  

11 January Binding study advice

Just like last year, due to the corona crisis, universities of applied sciences are taking measures with regard to the BSA again this academic year. In concrete terms, this concerns the possibility for 1st-year students to meet the BSA standard in the next academic year if they suffer a study delay and therefore fail to meet the BSA standard in the 2021-2021 academic year.

Of course, at HAN we’ll continue our efforts to provide students with the best possible guidance and advice when their degree program turns out to be unsuitable. By the way, this issue is separate from the longer-term political debate on the BSA.

HAN students who had to meet the BSA standard in the 2019-2020 academic year have all been granted a one-year postponement. They are not subject to receiving general postponed study advice a 2nd time, even if they haven’t yet earned all credits for the 1st year.

The formal decision on the B(N)SA recently taken by the Executive Board can be read on Insite (in Dutch).

11 January Online proctoring: no, unless...

HAN has made a final decision on the use of online proctoring with Proctorio (OPP). Online proctoring may be used only in certain situations, i.e. according to the 'No, unless' principle.

In order to determine whether to use online proctoring with Proctorio, we use the decision tree 'How to perform our summative testing in case of limitations due to COVID19'.

11 January Exam weeks

Next week the (2) exam weeks will start. Because there will be more students in the buildings during that time and because the lockdown will (probably) be extended, we strongly appeal to staff and students to stay at home when you don’t need to be at HAN. Apart from a number of exceptions, such as students who have practical training or exams, and students and staff who are unable to properly study or work at home.

Will you be at HAN for an exam? When you arrive, go directly to the exam room and when the exam is over, leave the campus immediately.

11 January Do you live abroad?

Do you live abroad and travel to HAN to study or work? In that case, the regular travel policy does not apply to you. Your situation is seen as exceptional. The Dutch government allows travel for the purpose of study or work across the border. In that case, you are also exempt from the home quarantine that applies after a stay in a high-risk area. So, you don't have to quarantine when you cross the border for work or study.

But you do have to meet certain conditions:

  • You have to be physically present at work You can't work from home
  • You live in another EU Member State, but work in the Netherlands and return at least once a week to your place of residence outside the Netherlands.
  • You live abroad and you study at HAN or you live permanently in the Netherlands and follow a minor or other education abroad.

The above does not apply to students who live permanently in the Netherlands and doing an internship abroad; in that case, the regular travel policy applies (i.e.: no permission to travel in case of code red/orange in the country of destination). 

You can find this information on the website of the Dutch government. Please note: this is the line taken by the Dutch government, policies abroad may deviate from it. In Germany, for example, there are even differences per state. Do you live abroad? Then keep a close eye on the guidelines yourself, so you won't get any unexpected surprises.

Coaching and support

Are you a student looking for some help? Like tips for self-study, a good chat, a listening ear, a bit more support during this corona period? We’re ready to help you! Take a look at the Insite-page of HAN Study Success for the possibilities.

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