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On Thursday 24th of June 2021, Ronald Tuninga will be installed as professor in International Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

The titel of his inaugural lecture is:

“The Future of International Business: Bridging Practice, Education, and Research”

In his inaugural lecture, Ronald will examine some of the most important trends in the global economy and their impact on International Business Practice, Education, and Research.

Changes in today’s world are accelerating due to the pandemic and other environmental changes. These changes have a big impact on regional and worldwide business and customers. Disruptions in international supply chains are just one important example of how international business issues effect manufacturers, retailers and customers.

During his lecture, Ronald will discuss the importance of the relationship between international business practice, research and education to the benefit of all stakeholders involved. The inaugural lecture will  be followed by a round table discussion linking developments in international business to the research of the Center of International Business Research.

Dutch Time Program

15.00 – 15.15 hours
Auditorium and online open

15.15 - 15.25 hours 
Welcome by Arjan Keunen, Dean International School for Business

15.25 - 15.40 hours
Installation Professor Ron Tuninga by Bridget Kievits, Member Executive Board HAN

15.40 - 16.15 hours 
Ronald Tuninga – Inaugural lecture on “The Future of International Business”

16.15 - 17.00 hours
Four discussions on the future of research, education and practice of international business

  • Global Citizenship and the specific skills for the society and labour market.
    Dr. Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels (HAN), Dr. Carol Scovotti (Professor of Marketing and Director of the International Business Collaboration, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA) and Lysette Peerlings (student) will introduce the concept of Global Citizenship and its importance for education and practice. They will discuss the various competencies needed to develop young students in capable and innovative employees and team players. 
  • The Future of International Business Education
    Dr. Bram Hendrawan (HAN) will build on the inaugural lecture of Ron Tuninga and introduce the research needed to create international business education which will help educate competent and highly sought-after students. 
  • Sustainable “Glocal” Business Creation Development
    Dr. Florentin Popescu (HAN) and Dr. Ben Honyenuga (Vice Chancellor Technical University Ho, Ghana) will discuss how international entrepreneurs can benefit local communities and at the same time develop into global players. 
  • International Best Practices  in the Design and Delivery of Co-Created modules in Sustainability
    Dr. Kia Goolesorkhi (HAN) and Prof. Dr. Attila Sik (Director of the Transdisciplinary Discoveries Institute, University of Pécs, Hungary) will provide insights about a Designed Transdisciplinary Program involving Arts, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences in addition to the traditional hard sciences. 

Lectoraat Center of International Business Research

The focus of the Center of International Business Research (CIBR) is on International Business and Global Citizenship for the benefit of the Euregion Arnhem and Nijmegen.  The three main focus areas of the HAN University of Applied Sciences: “Slim, Schoon en Sociaal” are translated by CIBR into “Innovative, Sustainable and TransCultural”. These are three of the core international aspects of Global Citizenship and are an integral part of all of our research.  

CIBR’s vision of International Business Research is: to conduct practical International Business Research which contributes to the development of the local business communities and global citizens of the future.

The central theme of practice-based research in International Business is: to understand and develop international business ready students, professionals and  companies in a changing and digital world.

Professor of Applied Sciences Ronald Tuninga

Prof. Dr. Ronald S.J. Tuninga is Professor of Applied Sciences in International Business at the HAN and Chair of the Center of International Business Research. He is the former Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Business School at Kingston University London. Professor Tuninga has lectured extensively both in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. His research Interests are: International Marketing, Internationalisation of Services, Sustainable International Business, International Readiness and Performance of SMEs, and International Entrepreneurship. 

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