HAN International Intro 2021


The HAN International Introduction is coming up. We have important online information to share with you. And we have some great news... We can come together again on location! That means we can meet, eat, make new friends and have fun together in real life!

Online and on location Online

Before the introduction on location at HAN, the International Office will be in touch with you online during the summer. As of mid July, we'll send you information about the introduction in 3 separate newsletters. Plus, you can follow us on our International Intro Instagram page. This part of the introduction will give you lots of fun and useful info about studying at HAN and living in the Netherlands. It’s all pretty relaxed. You don’t need to be anywhere in particular for this part. You could be soaking up the sun somewhere on your holiday. HAN International Office will be in touch!

What do you need for the online intro? A laptop, phone or tablet. Internet connection. Instagram. Comfy chair. Too easy!

Instagram page and newsletters

Study, life, fun. That about sums up the topics on the HAN International Intro Instagram page and newsletters for international students. So, firstly think of practical things like your HANaccount, HANcard, scholarships and immigration matters. Then there’s living in the Netherlands. Think of public transport, finances, health. And the city of Arnhem or Nijmegen. Finally, the fun stuff. Like activities organized by student organizations, learning about the Dutchies, their culture and language. And last but not least, info about what to do in your free time. Check out the Instagram page and the newsletters!

Not able to join us on Instagram? Don't worry! You can find the (upcoming) Instagram info videos we posted and the newsletters we sent below.

Groep studenten buiten met gitaar

HAN International Office On location

As an international student, your introduction takes place in the week of August 23 and is on location. You'll take part in all kinds of activities together with our enthusiastic student buddies who are here to help and guide you. The HAN International Office will organize a welcome meeting as part of the International Intro 2021 where you can meet our international student associations and other international students from different study programs in person. What do you need for the intro on location? Just you, yourself and us!

HAN International Intro 2021Get on-board with your degree or exchange program

Your degree or exchange program has worked out a program for the HAN International Intro. So, "get on board". Some cool and fun stuff is waiting for you! Meet your lecturers, classmates and fellow HAN students. Find out about your books and timetable. And much more. Go to the intro page for your degree or exchange program using one of the links below.

Groep studenten in gesprek lachend


HAN Study SuccessLooking for support during your studies?

HAN Study Success offers support during your studies. Think of study coaching, student counselling, writing coaching, studying with a disability or help with a complaint or objection. And much more. At HAN we've bundled all these services into HAN Study Success. You can find more information about these services on Insite HAN Study Success.

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Contact International Office

Feel free to contact the International Office for more info about the introduction. Or for other questions concerning living and studying in the Netherlands.

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