Online Open Days in May

09 May
10 May
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The Online Open Days at HAN were on 9 and 10 May. Haven't decided yet? You can still scroll around. Look back over all the videos, presentations and FAQs again. Just select the degree program via the black button above. Plenty to see!


Get yourself comfortable for the Open Day on 9 and 10 May. With a cup of tea ready. And a biscuit tin at close reach. Because you can experience the online Open Day from your own laptop or PC! Brush your hair? No need. Nobody will see you unless. Pretty relaxed!

So, what’s on the program? First of all, our students and lecturers will be ready on 9 and 10 May to answer all your questions live on the chat. You can also follow all kinds of interesting information sessions and live Q&A's on Teams and Instagram. You need to sign up for that in advance. Also, all our degree programs have inspiring pages ready for you to see, packed with videos and all kinds of info. Have no idea what you want yet? Then a speed date with a matching coach might be something for you.

Below you can find the extensive program. Scroll down and choose what you're going to do. Have fun!

Sign up and join the online Open Days

Create your own program by signing up for activities. Each degree has developed its own program for the Online Open Day. That could include following online information. Chatting with students and lecturers. Or following live Q and As on Instagram.  Find out what’s on offer and pick out what you find interesting. Registration for the Online Open Day is now open.

This is how it works

Information sessions, Q&A's, speed dates. Sounds nice, but how does it all work? What do you need to do? And who actually sees and hears you? Read about it here!

Chatting with the programsChat Room in Teams

Questions about a specific program? We’re ready for you in Teams! Look at it like an online drop-in room: between 10:00 and 15:00 you’re free to ‘walk’ in and out of Teams whenever you want. You don’t have to sign up first. You can ask questions in the chat, so your microphone and camera stay turned off. Handy: you’ll also see other people’s questions and answers!

These programs have their own chat room. Join by clicking on the program of interest:

Living in the Dutch Carribean?

Meet HAN Huntu during the Online Open Day!

HAN Huntu is a community for HAN students from the Dutch Carribean islands. You can chat with them on 9 and 10 May between 12:30 and 17:00 (Dutch time). This is your chance to hear experiences from students who have gone before you! Ask all your questions about studying in the Netherlands. What is it like for a Dutch Carribean student at HAN? 


Naturally, you’d prefer to see the campus with your own eyes. We’d also prefer to have a chat with you in person! An online Open Day really can't replace that experience. But there are advantages to online orientation. Here they are!

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