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Careers in Embedded Systems

Ready for an exciting engineering career? Where you get to make the high-tech products of the future? Many companies are looking for embedded systems engineers. And with your master-level skills, you’ll be in high demand on the job market.

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HAN has a large network of partners in the engineering industry. Especially in the border region between German and the Netherlands. These companies need engineers with the skills to manage projects and conduct applied research. That could be you! You’ll be qualified for these positions:

  • Embedded Systems Architect

    The Embedded Systems Architect defines target and transitional architecture for all embedded systems. They ensure this is done in line with business, technical and regulatory requirements. They work with R&D (electronic engineers, software developers) on design decisions with regards to embedded systems.
  • System Architect Embedded Systems

    A System Architect Embedded Systems is responsible for the electronics part of solutions developed in consultation with customers. This is an intermediary role between the customer and the department. The System Architect has to ask the right questions to work out the customer wishes. And then offer a solution that meets customer needs as much as possible. Collaborating with electrical mechanics and the mechanics team is part of this role. 
  • Real-Time Systems Engineer

    The Real-Time Systems Engineer works with an automotive team on modelling control systems. They use Mathworks/Matlab tools for this purpose. The aim? To meet client specifications. This position can be filled by a junior, mid-career or experienced engineer.
  • Embedded Software Engineer

    An Embedded Software Engineer words on state-of-the-art projects in the high-tech industry. Projects can cover the entire process, from definition of requirements to customer delivery. That means they have expertise in one or more programming languages for embedded environments. And development platforms like Linux, Windows, Android, VxWorks and QNX.

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