campus facilities

HAN has campuses in Arnhem and in Nijmegen. Both have all the facilities you need as a student. Study centers, canteens, pubs, sports facilities and places to relax with fellow students. Also, an excellent WIFI connection, a handy online learning environment and Insite, HAN’s intranet for staff and students.

Everything you need

You’ll find everything you need at the HAN campuses: extensive multimedia centers, good IT facilities, modern lecture halls, high-tech laboratories and places to socialize with classmates. Want to have a look around? Use our 360-degree virtual tour. 

Each building has its own cafeteria, where you can get drinks and snacks. The larger cafeterias also offer warm meals. There are several cafes, where you can wind down with fellow students after a day of studying. Each campus also has a campus shop, where you can get office supplies, readers and other handy items. 

Want to be active while you study? Play your favorite sport or even try a new sport? There are lots of student sports clubs in Arnhem or Nijmegen. Many of them offer very affordable prices and students from HAN often get a discount. The sports facilities are often close by, so you can be even healthier and do as the Dutch - ride there on your bike! 

HAN’s wireless networks allow you to work on your laptop anywhere on campus. Most HAN buildings have 2 wireless networks: ‘eduroam’ for students and staff and ‘HANguest’ for visitors. 

Arnhem and Nijmegen

Business and engineering programs are taught at HAN’s Arnhem campus. The Arnhem campus is located in the middle of a large park and has beautiful green surroundings. From the campus it's just a short walk to Arnhem Presikhaaf train station. And from there just a short train ride to the center of the city.

Lfe sciences and social studies programs are located at the Nijmegen campus. This campus is within easy reach of the city center. Just a few minutes by bus or train or 10 minutes by bike.

Overzicht campus Nijmegen gebouw LvS2

Multimedia and study centers

HAN University of Applied Sciences has 5 multimedia and study centers - 2 in Arnhem and 3 in Nijmegen. You can find a great collection of books, journals, graduation papers, DVDs, and much more. Search through the library catalogue and numerous databases in every field of interest. Use a virtual cutting machine to edit movies. Then place them in a webpage or presentation to give your product just that little bit extra. Our expert staff are always happy to help with your search queries. 

Twee studenten Pedagogiek lezen boek bibliotheek

Online learning environment

Part of your study will take place online. With your HANaccount you can log in to your mailbox. Use the OnderwijsOnline virtual learning environment to exchange information with lecturers and classmates. Also have discussions and chat with other students. And hand in assignments. Lecturers can post their announcements and new assignments here as well. Want to check your timetable or grades? Use the HAN4me app on your tablet or smartphone.

Twee studenten overleggen met laptop

HAN insite: our intranet

Use Insite, HAN’s intranet, to stay up to date with the latest news about your study program. You can place announcements and advertisements on the virtual bulletin board. Use Insite to find information on just about everything, from courses to timetables and more. 

student life

The international student body at HAN forms a close-knit yet inclusive community. They are known on campus for their energetic, fun and creative social events. Events they organize throughout the academic year. Usually, not a week goes by without an organized student event. Either at one of the campuses or in the pubs and cultural venues across Nijmegen and Arnhem. Why not join them? 

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