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The School of Built Environment has over 1,200 full-time and part-time students studying construction and infrastructure. We offer degree programs, exchange programs and customized courses. We also conduct groundbreaking practice-based research.

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The School of Built Environment offers the following Dutch-taught bachelor and associate degree programs:


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EXCHANGE PROGRAM (English-taught)

Dutch Architecture

You see a structure or empty lot and imagine the perfect building. From every angle. That fits into the surroundings. Is that you? Create next-level architecture skills. Learn to better sketch and model. To design and analyze your own buildings. And see how they can fit into the cultural landscape.

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Co-create Urban Transition

Transforming a rural society into an urban landscape. Amazing! But highly challenging. You tackle themes like quality of life and aging. And learn how to conduct interdisciplinary and real-life research. To manage social, technical and economic issues. And how to co-create.

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Dutch Architecture meets Dutch Landscape Architect

To promote connection with further education and landscape architectural together with architectural professional practice, this minor, “Dutch Architecture meets Dutch Landscape architecture”, will be organized in cooperation with Van Hall Larenstein (VHL)

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WIND Energy Project Management

Work with talented wind energy professionals from OutSmart and HAN. Get hands-on with the most current info about managing an offshore wind farm. Organize an offshore wind energy conference together with classmates. Visit professional wind companies. You experience this and more.

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COMING SOON Resilience by Design

A newly developed exchange program that comes to you courtesy of the HAN Sustainable River Management research center. The center's goal? To answer questions about how River Deltas can be safe and attractive for people, companies and nature.

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COMING SOON Summer & Winter School

Only able to join this research group during the winter or summer months? The research group is developing a Winter & Summer School program. In addition to their exchange program

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We work together with the degree programs to tackle social issues by means of practice-based research. The following research bodies are active in the School of Built Environment:

  • Research Center for Architecture in Health
  • Research Center for Sustainable River Management (see below)
  • Center of Expertise for Zero Energy Building
  • Social Transition for Rural Areas
  • Knowledge Center for Technology and Society (see below)

Research Center for Sustainable River ManagementRecycled Plastic for Flood Resilience

This filmclip gives an overview of research activities related to plastic recycling and flood resilience in the upper Mekong Delta until November 2018. In partnership with HAN, VHL, HZ, WACC, CTU, AGU, An Giang Province, 100 Resilient Cities Can Tho, Recycled Park, and Upp! Upcycling Plastic.

INTERNSHIPSInternship Opportunities for international students

Are you enrolled at one of our partner universities? Then the School of Built Environment can also help you find an internship. Our school has connections with a range of established Dutch companies. Many are renowned in the Netherlands. We’ll look at your previous education and interests and help you find a suitable internship. Just send an email to

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Learn from other cultures. Collaborate with students from all over the world. Dive into challenging themes. Network. Or just have fun together. All of this was possible during the HAN School of Built Environment International Week 2021. Due to COVID-19 it was an online event, so students took part from anywhere in the world.

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School of Built Environment 
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