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Inaugural lecture Ronald Tuninga

On Thursday 24th of June 2021, Ronald Tuninga will be installed as professor in International Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

24 Jun
15:00 - 17:00
285600 waalbrug bij Nijmegen

HAN Early Explorer Webinar

Still have another year or more to go at secondary school? Want to get in early and explore your future study options? Then get started with the Early Explorer Webinar.

25 Jun
15:00 - 16:00
77207 Citadel Middelbare school pauze leerlingen 1

Go for HAN 2021 webinars

Get all the info you need at one of these webinars and Go for HAN 2021! Info on things like the programs, admission requirements, application process and more. And if you have questions: ask away!

9 Jul
16:00 - 16:00
34650 Drie studenten in overleg met laptop