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Interested in a program at HAN University of Applied Sciences? Join us at an Open Day. There you can talk to staff and students. Find out about the programs, the university, the campuses and much more!

20 NovemberOnline Open Day

Join us at the Online Open Day on 20 November. Get all the ins and outs about studying at HAN in the Netherlands. And find out more about the program you're interested in. Join live talk shows, interact in Q&A sessions, chat with students and lecturers. And much more!

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InvestigateDon't have a clue yet?

Then you need to start investigating! Getting to know yourself better and choosing a direction, that's where it starts. Did you know that HAN has tools to help you with that? You can read all about it on the 'Meet us' page.

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Make a decisionStill in doubt?

You have a few programs in mind, but you keep having doubts. Which one will it be? Time to make a decision! Wondering how you do that? Check out our social media. There you’ll also find experiences of students who went before you: how did they make the decision?

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Dive deeper Fallen in love?

Not what you expected?

Wasn't the Open Day what you expected? That's a pity! That may feel like a step backwards, but it's progress. Now you know what you don't like about this program, you can more easily work out what you are looking for. Adjust your direction and continue investigating. You'll get there!

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