Want a break from studying? Like to improve your fitness? Or just meet new people? HAN helps you find the right sport facility in the Arnhem-Nijmegen area. There are plenty of possibilities, whatever your interest or sporting ability. Try a new sport or improve your skills!

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Sport in Arnhem

If you are studying at HAN, you can apply for a student sports card. For €20.95 per month you can do unlimited sports. Would you like to attend a spinning class on Monday with a friend in Arnhem-Noord, play squash on Tuesday, dance on Wednesday, swim on Thursday and kickbox on Friday? That is a realistic scenario; unlimited and anything on offer. No matter how many times you go! You can choose from over 40 different fitness providers with a range of group classes. There’s always one nearby. The sports providers are not only located in Arnhem. For the full range, it is best to regularly check the website, also because there will be more providers throughout the year.

Sports in Nijmegen


HAN SENECA is the center for sport, work and health in Nijmegen. You can work out on your own or with guidance from a gym instructor or a student. As a HAN-student you only pay €209 a year to use this facility. Apart from working out, you can go to SENECA for:

  • physiotherapy
  • clinics
  • diet advice  

Apply for SENECA? Send a mail to:

Radboud sports centre    

The Radboud Sports centre is part of the Radboud University in Nijmegen and has the widest range of sports facilities. As a HAN-student you can use all the facilities for only €118 a year (or €17.70 per month). That means that you can do 80 different kinds of sports, 300 different kinds of group lessons and 200 courses as many times as you want! Including swimming, tennis, and squash. 

Registration at the Radboud Sports centre gives you access to over 38 different sports associations.