The automotive engineering program at HAN is geared to industry needs. We work closely with our industry partners to ensure you get the right skills. Choose to specialize in various fields of expertise: Business Management, Manufacturing, Powertrain, Structural Design, Vehicle Technology or Vehicle Electronics and Control. And broaden your skills set in marketing, management and business economics.

Automotive Engineering: program in brief

This automotive engineering degree gives you the latest insights in automotive technology. You learn all the fundamental theories. And the ins and outs of management, communication and energy conservation.  

Throughout your degree you put the theory into practice. How? In team projects. Projects about future mobility concepts. Such as developing an energy-efficient automobile.  

In your second year you start to specialize. Choose from various fields of expertise. Finally, you gain professional experience during your internship and graduation project. 

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Solid foundation

In your 1st year you get a solid foundation in automotive technology.


You follow technical subjects like Mathematics, Mechanics and Analyzing Vehicle Systems. Also, you take commercial subjects like Build My Company and Making It Sell.

On-campus and online

Due to the corona crisis a great deal of education has moved online. Meeting in person is also important, especially as a new 1st-year student. So, you'll get 1 full day of classes on campus per week. The rest of your classes will be online and you'll study and work on assignments at home. Once government measures are relaxed, you'll be able to spend more time on campus.

Academic calendar

The academic year runs from September to August. In that time you have 42 weeks of education. The rest of the time you have holidays.


Are you missing home? Are your classes too challenging? Want advice about your internship? Your study coach is there to help you with such issues. They help you find effective ways to study. Support you in making choices about your future career. And guide you in your personal development. 

Growing independence

In your 2nd year of Automotive Engineering you expand your knowledge of automobiles and their component systems.

Subjects in 2nd year

In your second year you start to specialize. You can choose from various fields of expertise: 

  • Business Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Powertrain
  • Structural Design
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Vehicle Electronics and Control

Professional experience

In your 3rd year you continue your chosen specialization. Also, you take a big step towards becoming a professional automotive engineer during your internship.


Your internship is your first chance to work as a professional automotive engineer. It lasts for 1 semester. Where you’ll go? You could go to one of our partners in the Netherlands, like DAF or VDL. Or you might go abroad, to a company like BMW or Delphi. You're free to choose. Before you start, you get a thorough preparation program. 

Experience it for yourself

Want to discover whether HAN is the right place for you? Why not test it out for yourself? Come to one of our Open Days. Or why not experience what it's like to study Automotive Engineering? Become a student for a day! But unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, we are forced to keep our Open Days online for the time being.


Part of your Automotive Engineering degree is working on real-life research projects. The projects are for companies and organizations in the automobile sector. How does that work? HAN Automotive Institute conducts applied research on topics related to the specializations: Business Management, Manufacturing, Powertrain, Structural Design, Vehicle Technology and Vehicle Electronics and Control.

You work on these projects together with classmates, lecturers, researchers and Automotive related companies.

Graduation year

Your 4th and final year of your Automotive Engineering degree. First, choose your minor. This is a semester course where you to study a topic in a related field. Or focus in greater detail on an automotive subject of your choice. Next, choose your graduation assignment. This is where you research an issue for a company or organization.


HAN offers excellent minors for Automotive Engineering students. Why not sign up for Light Weight, Vehicle Electronics and Control, Internal Combustion Engines, Power Train, or Advanced Mobility? Or what about expanding your experiences even further? You could study at another university or even go abroad. Planning on continuing with HAN’s Master in Engineering Systems? Then a bridging program (pre-master) is the best choice for your minor.

Graduation assignment

Your final challenge in Automotive Engineering: the graduation assignment. Your topic? That depends on your specialization you choose earlier. The assignment is to research an issue for a company or organization. That could be any international automobile company. Like BMW, Delphi, Volvo, DAF or Aston Martin.

Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering

Your reward after 4 years of hard study: a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering. Ready to join an international company? Or further your expertise with a master degree? 

Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering

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