Student services

As a HAN student, you have access to a range of services. Like special provisions if you have a disability. A study coach to discuss your academic progress. Or a training course in personal development. The aim? To help you get the most out of your studies.

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Studying with special circumstances 

Do you have special circumstances that affect your ability to study? For example, a disability, chronic illness, or involvement in elite sport? Need extra facilities to support you in your studies?

HAN offers several services to ensure your study environment fits your needs.  For example: 

  • Modifications to the accessibility of buildings  
  • Study aids   
  • Exam provisions  
  • Potential alternatives to curriculum components  
  • Timetable adjustments  
  • Adapted attendance requirements  
  • Possible financial aid for  study delays

Please note: students with a physical disability who require (daily) personal care must arrange this support themselves. 

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How do I arrange the support from HAN?

Do you have special circumstances? And would like to benefit from our facilities and provisions? Let us know about your situation by filling in this online form. Here you can also indicate whether you'd like to discuss your situation in a meeting. Or whether you'd prefer to just register your situation with us.

Decided to arrange a meeting? There we'll discuss with you what kind of support or provisions you need. The effects of your situation on your studies and your future career prospects. And we'll inform you of the HAN-wide provisions. 

After the meeting, we draft a report about supervision, support, regulations and provisions. This report is sent to the senior coach of the relevant degree program. If necessary, the senior coach can request the desired provisions from the board of examiners of the relevant degree program. Once approved, final agreements can be made in the form of a study contract.

Coaching and counselling

Study coach 
When you start studying at HAN you will be assigned a study coach. That’s a lecturer working within your degree program. The study coach guides you during your studies and is your first point of contact when you have a question or problem. They lend a listening ear, for example. Or advise you if you fall behind with your studies. And if you need more specialized help, they can refer you to the right person. Like the senior tutor or the student counsellor. 

Senior coach 
Concerned you might get binding advice to leave the program because of personal problems? You can discuss this with the senior coach. The senior coach will look at whether it might help to cut back on your course load. And lend a listening ear and offer valuable suggestions. In some cases, the senior tutor refers you to the student counsellor. The senior coach can also answer questions about special exam and lecture provisions and about combining elite sports with your studies. 

Student counsellor 
The student counsellors provide a second-line facility for students in need of extra counselling. They also support study coaches and senior tutors and offer advice (on request or otherwise) to the degree programs, institutes and faculties. HAN University of Applied Sciences employs 5 student counsellors who can help students with specific issues, such as: 

  • Due to illness or exceptional circumstances you are behind with your studies and having financial problems. 
  • You have an acute financial problem which affects your studies. 
  • You are disabled or impaired and need certain facilities to enable you to study. 
  • You would like to combine elite sport and your studies.  
  • You are having personal problems which affect your studies.  
  • You have questions about complaints or legal procedures.   

How do I make an appointment? 
Send an email to

  • Explain the situation and also include: 
  • your name 
  • your student number 
  • your degree program and study location (Arnhem or Nijmegen) 
  • your mobile phone number 

Where can I find the student counsellors?

Campus Location Room(s)
Arnhem Ruitenberglaan 31 C2.28
Nijmegen Bisschop Hamerhuis 2.01B, 2.11 & 2.12A

Student psychologist 
The consultations and courses by the student psychologists are for students enrolled at HAN. You can come to us with concerns and problems you're not able to solve yourself. Problems that are influencing your studies or threatening to delay your studies.  Such concerns or problems could be: 

  • Study stress and fear or failure  
  • Procrastination and motivation problems  
  • Loss and mourning  
  • Excessive worrying and general feeling of discontent  
  • Gloominess, dread, not being able to deal with things anymore  
  • Loneliness and/or problematic social life  
  • Feelings of anxiety  
  • Trouble coping with major events  
  • Problem with eating too much or too little  
  • Negative self-image; lack of self confidence  
  • Problems with drugs, gaming, social media and internet  
  • Problems with parents or relationships  

Do you have any of the above concerns or problems? You can contact us or register for an intake. 

Study skills and personal development

HAN Study Success - Training and Coaching provides training, workshops and coaching for all students at HAN. Our courses focus on the development of skills, both within and beyond your field of study. Like knowledge of a foreign language. Building up your social network. These skills contribute to both academic success and personal well-being. Take responsibility for your own development and sign up for a course today!  

What training and coaching opportunities do we offer?  
Get an overview of all the courses at the HAN Study success - Training and coaching learning portal.  

Do you have a general question about HAN Study Success - Training and Coaching? Or our courses? Or do you have a question about a particular course, workshop or other educational activity? Please feel free to contact us.  
Send an email to  

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